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Our Hiring Process

The objective of our enlisting procedure is to foresee how aspirants will perform when they join us. We accomplish this objective by following what the science says: consolidating behavioral and situational organized enlisting process with evaluations of subjective capacity, reliability, and leadership.

Application Review & Assessment

Our recruiters will review your application to ensure that your capabilities complement the employment position. Contingent upon the job position, you may be asked to finish an appraisal.

Personal Interview

If you meet the greater part of the qualifications, our recruiter will proceed with the subsequent stages which can be a virtual or on-campus interview.

Offer & Welcome

The employing choice will be made further. Your selection will earn you a position, it will come as a verbal offer of job, trailed by an email once you acknowledge.


Congratulations! We welcome you to Global Lancers family. The recruiter will apprise you with on-boarding information including start dates, benefits and other important details.

Why To Join Global Lancers

At Global Lancers, you are at the forefront of enabling digital transformations for businesses & organisations worldwide. We believe in being good corporate citizens and sincerely value our employees, families and the society at large.

Start-Up Culture

The high-performance culture of a start-up is driven by the passion and dedication of its team. We offer challenging, fair & rewarding employment for our team and set high benchmarks for performance. We seek to create an environment where people are empowered to make a difference and strive to bring together intelligent & passionate innovators.

Building Careers

Employee development is embedded in our company’s culture. We strive to create an environment where everyone can contribute and succeed at every level of the company. As a global business, spanning multiple countries, we invest in our employees to ensure they have marketplace knowledge, skills and competencies to compete and lead in a global economy.

Explore Beyond Limits

We have established processes, guidelines and objectives in different areas to ensure that we are consenting to laws, regulations, and benchmarks. We are consistently upgrading our business and operations beyond our limits to benefit all everyone that are connected to us. Our result-oriented process drives the employee to explore and drive global initiatives.

Fun with Responsibility

We are committed to creating a global workplace that supports diversity and embraces inclusion to accomplish goals with greater sense of responsibility. We believe that bringing together bright, enthusiastic, and talented people from a variety of backgrounds & cultures promotes the birth of new ideas, an exciting energy level & fun-loving environment.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is vital to focus on critical issues and deliver best solutions to the clients. Hence, instilling initiative conduct inside our representatives is a central concentration region for us to guarantee a long haul business execution. We believe in leadership development to foster a collaborative and productive work environment.

Social Responsibility

Our company’s entire system and working ethics are efficient and environmentally responsible. We are trusted professionals and believe in applying our approaches by moulding them to the work environment while staying true to the core philosophies and values. Social responsibility, learning agility and a competitive spirit are the skill set that we teach and preach.